Impact of KK against the strategic outcomes during Jan-Dec 2019

Outcome -1
National and internationally recognized and influential organization

  • MoU Signed with Provincial Ombudsperson for anti harassment for collaborative work.
  • MoU Signed with KP police for implementation of GBV project at Mansehra.
  • FOKUS has become dormant.
  • UK-FROK raised funds for about UK ponds 43,000 including the annual regular support of 12,000 pound.
  • Organization awarded NPO status by FBR.


Steady and diversified funding stream.

Viable Models with demonstrated impact

  • About 197 girls are getting primary education in 02 KK supported community based schools in Bannu and Peshawar under KK education system (From KK unrestricted fund).
  • 19 community-based girls schools handed over to EEF with 2700 enrollment.
  • About 195 community-based women and men organization with 2113 membership organized and engaged in their area development at 03 districts (Bannu, Dir upper and Peshawar).
  • 02 organization at Bannu (1 women and 01 men) are managing and monitoring KK supported community based school independently.
  • PKR 20,000 generated by women and men organization for viable village project in their area.
  • Development projects of PKR 18 million have been mobilized from public and private sources by Women and men organizations in their respective villages.
  • 04 KACC with 122 women and men in KK working districts are functional and supporting the development initiatives and projects in their respective areas.

Improved Condition & Status for empowered women in more resilient communities, with a focus on marginalized one

  • 635 GBV survivors facilitated by KK through legal aid chamber and WCCs in Mansehra.
  • 100 local faith based women, men and youth are trained and engaged in promoting social cohesion and tolerance in their respective areas.
  • Income of 85 women enhanced by providing trainings and required inputs.
  • Income of 12 families enhanced by providing in-kind support of worth PKR 0.9 million to establish small enterprises.
  • About 20 women are engaged in producing handicrafts and facilitated to market their products.