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Board of Directors

KK has its GB who elects the BoD after 3 years. The GB meets once in a year while the BoD meets 2 to 3 times in a year. However the BoD embers are closely working and support KK team in their day to day management and provides technical support on regular basis. The BoD is providing technical support and has formed various committees e.g. Finance and Audit Committee, Program Committee and Executive Committee. These Committees meets on quarterly and need basis. Khwendo Kor has an elected BOD as its governing body. To date, 50 BOD meetings have been held and its members are as follows:


Name Designation


Ms. Zubaida Khatoon Chairperson


Dr. Tufail Muhammad Vice Chairperson


Ms. Salma Masood Khan Member


Dr. Rubina Wazir Member


Ms. Bismah Aslam Member


Ms. Rubina Khilji Member


General M Hamid Khan Member


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