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Nuzhat Amin

Social Enterprise Manager

Nuzhat Amin is serving as Program Manager Education at Khwendo Kor. She ensures the effective implementation of education projects policy advocacy, examines the overall progress, outputs and impacts of implemented programmes, identifies bottlenecks, proposes solutions and substantiates planning. She plays a pivotal role in devising project management plans and reporting.

Nuzhat has 27 years working experience in development sector. Prior to joining KK, She worked with different international and national organizations in different capacities.

She has been working in the field of education since 2013. During her career, she acquired the necessary skills of planning, policy advocacy, monitoring & evaluation, developing linkages & coordination, and implementing integrated conservation and developmental projects especially with local communities across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Based on her qualification and practical understanding of education issues, she has been involved in conducting meetings with all stakeholders and developed Working Group for Girls Education Initiative (WGGEI) at provincial and FATA level and with consultation of WGGEI , facilitated drafting of free and compulsory education bill- Article 25-A. She also developed parliamentary caucus to get their support for legislation on free & compulsory education bill-article 25-A. simultaneously she has also been serving as a guide to establish and run community based schools throughout KK project areas.

Her interests include improving gender parity, empowering grassroots health education committees and parent teacher councils. She is concerned with the linkages between the education department, parliamentarians and all stakeholders.

Ms. Nuzhat holds Masters degree in islamiyat and is also law graduated. She is also trained in Nursing and has served as Intensive & Cardiac care Nurse (team leader) at Agha Khan Medical University Hospital Karachi.

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