Case Studies

Acquiring right services at the right time

Sharafat who belongs to village Gul Rehman, is a widow of 35 years old & has one daughter of 3 years, belong to a poor family. Sharafat had no other means of earning and had to lead her life on charities. But she was enthusiastic and determined to learn some skills and make herself independent. She was accessed by the KK social organizer and was enrolled to KK Women Learning Centre to learn skills & functional literacy. During her session, she tried to learn the skills enthusiastically & did hard work to gain vocational skills.

Sharafat is now earning & is able to afford her & her daughter’s expenses through tailoring & has become a well known tailor in her area. Besides stitching, she is able to write & read & is able to keep the record of her business. According to her:

"I have got confidence and courage that I can do and survive” .Before this, I had no means and sources to support myself and my daughter. I am very much thankful to Khwendo kor efforts that are striving to bring change in the lives of vulnerable women and supporting them."

Sharafat has also applied for the Khwendo Kor microcredit and will soon establish her outlet in her village where the women accessories would be available.


Story of Razia Sultana in her own words

I belong to a poor family of village Dub Dawar khel-District Karak, where the sources of income are agriculture, cattle raring and labor work. When KK intervened in the area, I was supporting the other four members of my family via selling basic handmade Mazri products. But my selling was rare and I couldn’t earn sufficient income. KK provided me different value added skills and built my capacity in designing and color scheming of Mazri products. Now I am able to earn a monthly income of more then Rs3000/-. My linkages are now developed and I have bought a mobile for communication with marketing section of KK and other such organizations. I am very happy because my business is flourishing day by day.


Adding value to the exsisting business

Ms.Sarjehan resident of Jallaudin Village situated in Jamrud Peshawar was facing problems in managing her milk selling business due to various livestock diseases. She was a trainee at KK KK women learning centre. When she learned about the livestock KK management training, she got herself enrolled. During training, she learned regarding the identification of diseases in livestock, their cure and feeding. Now she can identify a disease in her cows beforehand and is able to treat her cows. After treatment her cows are now producing plenty of healthy milk and are taking food normally. Now she is earning good income per month. According to Ms.Sarjehan

"before knowledge regarding the livestock we had to sell out our cows, or many of them died, as we were not aware of the problems, but now I can identify and can guide other females of the village, how to take care of their cows".


Right help at the right time

Ms Munawar Jana, age of 40 years, a widow, living in village Sarat Khel Dist. Karak,has three children, had no source of income. She was worried about her children’s education because her children were in the growing age of school. She was in search of some Govt. or an NGO support. During field visits of KK team, she met with female Community Facilitator & shared her problem.

KK provided her source of income in the form of cattle and provided her livestock management training. Now she sells milk of those cattle & lives a happy life. She used to say that

"In this time only one organization in Karak which works for empowering of women".


Raising the standard of living

28 years old Razmal w/o Jahanzeb, of Gul village Jamrud, has 3-kids, lives in a joint family system. Her husband is a daily wager & had no other source of income for her family. She was an illiterate lady with no skills & all her family members were dependent on the only income of her husband. But she had a strong wish to learn some skills, so she could contribute to her family income so that her children could live a better life. So she took admission & started learning in the KK learning centre & taking of classes of literacy & of vocational skills. She got quick learning especially in tailoring & embroidery.

Now her monthly income is about Rs/-5000-6000/month. She is also able to keep the record of her savings and profits.she says that:

"I am very much happy with the skill and literacy received through Khwendo Kor, which has provided this opportunity to her and brought good changes in her life".


Solutions to governance issues

Jatta Ismail Khel is the populated village in District Karak Village. This village has one primary & one middle school but no teacher. The was no staff available at BHU. KK advocated for the appointment of staff and held various meetings with EDO education & health and with the community members. Staff was appointed immediately in school and BHU. Ms.Malka is working there as a LHV in the same village.

Case Study File On ''Women's Consent And Inheritance issues Identified By KK From Their Targeted Area'' (Click to Download)