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Thematic Coverage

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Vulnerable communities especially women and children are empowered to successfully claim their Health and education rights.

Good Governance’ is the exercise of power or authority – political, economic, administrative or otherwise –in such a manner that citizens and groups articulate their interests, exercise their legal rights, meet their obligations and mediate their differences smoothly.

Our Strategy

KK believes that filling governance gaps would serve a greater purpose of building a society where every one would enjoy their rights and perform their responsibilities peacefully. To achieve its purpose KK take up two tools, i.e;

  • Social Organization

  • Policy Advocacy

KK strategy towards good governance is to initially mobilize the communities, made them aware of their rights, sensitize them regarding their responsibilities and make them unite. Once the communities are organized and they are rightly guided, then they are helped to advocate for the betterment of the society as a whole.

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Vulnerable communities especially women and children are empowered to play an effective role in improving local, provincial and national governance.

The social services which are demanded and guided by the communities themselves are the Community led social services.

Our Strategy

While providing the social services KK has adopted the bottom to top approach i.e. the communities are encouraged to strategize for their betterment and then they are given support in following their strategy. In this way the communities develop ownership and accountability which ultimately lead to sustainability.

Although KK is not a service delivery organization but in most of its working areas the communities are deprived of basic education and health facilities, therefore to facilitate the communities KK provides these facilities.

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Vulnerable communities especially women and children are capacitated to contribute in family sustainable livelihoods

Sustainable Livelihood is the community-based, equitable and sustainable management of local tangible (resources and stores) and non tangible assets (skills, accesses and capabilities) in such a way that local wealth is generated and local communities are empowered for their own social and cultural well-being.

Our Strategy

KK intervenes in each sector with the aim of making the communities independent and not handicap. Therefore for its achieving its strategic aim KK focuses on two broad aspects of sustainability i.e.

  • Micro Enterprise

  • Natural Resource Management

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To provide effective and efficient response to man-made and natural disaster is ensured at all levels.

Our country faces frequent (manmade and natural) disasters and KK enthusiastically contribute in minimize the suffering of disaster during and after the calamity.

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